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Katrina - colour and form in garden care and development.

By Stan Stewart.

A garden is a canvas. Blending colour, form and texture to create a beautiful living canvas is Katrina’s great love. She quotes another dedicated gardener, the famous painter, Claude Monet, who wrote “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.”

Katrina wants to help others create beautiful gardens that are both easy to care for but also beautiful to enjoy. She writes, “Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint and the soil as canvas”. The blending and juxta positioning of the form, colour and texture is the path to creating a garden that is a beautiful landscape painting.

Working with traditional and exotic garden plants she works with traditional and non-traditional gardens to achieve maximum effect. In this way Katrina aims for gardens that are both striking and easy care. With this in mind and using her background in creating and caring for various gardens, Katrina is launching her own gardening business. Using subtropical and traditional garden plants, her emphasis is on easy care.

“The secret to making a garden that delights the eye is the placement of plants,” says Katrina. I position the plants so that their form and texture contrast and enhance each other. My love of gardening has its source in my grandmother. My visits to my grandmother always included a garden tour. Apart from colour and form which I have already mentioned, my grandmother loved fragrance. She opened my eyes to the beauty of a traditional flower garden. From her, I learnt to enjoy the beauty of shape, colour and the fragrance of flowers in her suburban flower garden.”

Katrina has recently been employed as the property manager and gardener of the Aqua Soleil Villas. The decision to branch out on her own and launch her own gardening business is a big step for Katrina. She is making herself to be available for a variety of gardening work: garden maintenance, tidying up existing gardens, designing and planting new gardens, creating easy care gardens. In all her work she aims to achieve maximum effect from differing colours, shapes and textures, which, she is confident, will bring her clients pleasure.

Katrina Whitburn 0274 845 553

Caption: Katrina Whitburn.

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