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Letters to the Editor.

A great little local rag

Ahhh... the Letters to the Editor. What a great insight into the diverse bunch of personalities that populate our wee slice of paradise. But wait!! What's this? Richard Todds 'Misinformer’? I was intrigued. Regarding the religious comments, I was "meh" (being a staunch agnostic) but then my eyebrow raised. It seems having the audacity to cast shade on the hallowed St Jacinda of the Furrowed Brow is now considered 'ultra-right-wing' biased and misogynist?? Oh, the humanity!! I can only commend the esteemed correspondent for managing to stop short of invoking Godwin’s Law, and strongly suggest he return to the warm comforting rose-tinted embrace of The Standard. Contrary to the stated opinion, The Informer remains 'a great little local rag'. Long may it continue.

Biggles Bailey.


Letter from a 7 year old
Our family has been staying in Whitianga this

weekend and our wee 7 yr old granddaughter,

Mackenna Lett, wrote this story.

Selina Berry


Democratic essentials

I commend Richard Todd (Informer 18th April) for expressing his views on the " editorial content “of what used to be " a great little rag " and what's more I commend the Editors for printing it ! As Francois Voltaire commented “I disapprove of what you say but I would defend to the death your right to say it ". However, the implication that the paper falls down on editorial balance, fairness and accuracy seems somewhat bizarre to say the least.

I am a lifelong atheist and have detected no " evangelical Christian message " and wouldn't object if I did, after all it's the Judeo-Christian ethic by which the Western world lives today whether we are aware of it or not. As for " ultra-right-wing opinion / news " undermining.... public utilities “perhaps Mr Todd has not heard about the cost-of-living crisis, lack of doctors / nurses, declining education standards, wasted public expenditure, increasing crime, the costs of fuel due to zero carbon, 3 Waters etc. All problems arising from and solvable by decisions in the public domain: you don't have to be ultra-right wing to comment on these. Furthermore, the only unbelievable thing about the April Fool's Joke was that it was quite believable: it being a follow-up from previous unbelievable fantasies.

As for the Media Council, it should refuse to accept from the Government’s 'Public Interest Journalism Fund' the $ 55 million given to mainstream media. Some unkind commentators have labelled this as a blatant bribe, but which seems to be acceptable in the “code of conduct set by The Media Council "..........

More philosophically, Mr Todd might also like to consider the fact that the Ancient Greeks promoted rhetoric (the open exchange of opposing views) as essential for a functioning democracy which is why we should find the incisive, and maybe controversial, views expressed in the current Informer quite refreshing.

Yours Sincerely.

Gerry Sanders.


Delay is too long.

I would like to comment on two letters in last week’s Informer. One by correspondent Alastair Sims expertly highlights the absurd length of time that is being wasted by Waka Kotahi on SH25A repairs. This is rapidly becoming a classic example of paralysis by analysis and an embarrassing joke. While time is needlessly wasted on their detailed investigation of three options for repair of this vital access infrastructure tourists continue to believe that the Coromandel is closed and stay away in their droves. Forget the prestige options such as a photogenic shiny new, and possibly career advancing, grand bridge and just rebuild access as fast as possible. A new road well away from future potential slip sites seems to be the obvious if rather boring option. Just get on with it!

Every day of delay does not affect those at the head of the Waka Kotahi but it certainly affects those of us on the ground. Our businesses are suffering with every lost tourist while every extra kilometre driven to cart vital supplies costs us the consumers every day. Every single day they dither and delay means more damage to the rest of the fragile roads on our peninsula. It’s already over three months since the closure and we still don’t have a decision from the Waka. Christmas is fast approaching. Stop the paralysis and just get on with it!

Richard Todd’s lack of tolerance

The other letter by correspondent Richard Todd only highlights the disappointing lack of tolerance and sense of humour that seems to permeate society these days, largely fuelled by social media. The Informer under its new management is just as even handed as it was before and remains well engaged with, and a wonderful sounding post for, our diverse community, home to many differing religious viewpoints. The volume of letters in the most recent editions shows that management is clearly providing an important and valued sounding board for Coromandel residents of all political stripes, including his own. Perhaps he would prefer the opposition over the hill that has now become a shadow of its former self, publishing no letters at all and not even the tide charts, arguably the most important thing for coastal communities such as ours.

Alastair Brickell



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