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Letters to the Editor.

ANZAC Parade.

A very good service, well run and nice

speeches. A lovely morning although a little

nippy. Also nice to have the birds singing in

the trees behind.

Do you think it would be a nice touch to

have the Australian National Anthem after or

before ours to top off a special morning?

Merv Gregory


Tolerance needed

I found Alastair Brickell’s letter (25 April) rather ironical. He castigated NZTA for their “time wasting” investigations of three options for SH25A repair, then complained about another correspondent’s “disappointing lack of tolerance”.

Mr Brickell says the obvious option is a new road well away from potential slip sites. Perhaps it is, but detailed investigation was still needed, beginning with test drillings, which I understand are now completed. (Remember, no one could get near the site for two weeks as it was too wet and dangerous). A rushed decision could cost us dearly if it’s wrong. Let NZTA have time to get it right.

Frank Coulter


Facts please

Reply to Mayor Len,

Could we please have some actual facts, figures, and solid information about what is happening on the Peninsula. I also have some pertinent questions that I am being asked by our residents and ratepayers.

1) Who are the committee members appointed to address the siren recommendations for the Peninsula, as promised prior to the election.

2) Please explain why Whispir, which was guaranteed to be up and running by 1 September 2021, is only just now in its “final stages of testing” and still not cleared for use in May 2023?

3)Please advise what district was involved in the Whispir test run on 12 February 2023 where, it is claimed, it reached 90% of Spark and 100% of Vodaphone users as no-one I have spoken to was aware of it. How were these figures achieved and/or calculated? Where did the feedback come from? We note that the last survey taken on emergency messaging via mobile phones achieved just 52%.

4) It has already been well documented why mobile phones form only a part of the warning systems required in the event of a disaster. Sirens are the only item not affected by loss of power or connection to the internet. Apart from CFM Radio which is set up for 24-hour manned operation with its own backup power supply, the raft of other options you list for alerting people are all subject to internet connection and/or power connection, and require people to have the eyesight, and/or the hearing, and the ability, to access the information.

5) There is no further research required to be done on the Sirens. The in-depth research presented to TCDC is the same that other Councils around New Zealand have already taken on board and moved forward with installations. The only decisions to be made are the numbers required.

6)As you are constantly verifying – we are in a state of emergency with our residents’ lives and livelihoods seriously at risk. Therefore, why are casual parking areas and minor roadworks still being undertaken daily, when we desperately and urgently need at least one access road viable immediately. Surely this current emergency dictates that all hands are required on the Tapu Coroglen Rd and/or the 309 – not to mention SH25. Why was the offer from forestry to bring their road making equipment in (I understand, at no cost) to assist with the roading issues? They build better roads faster than any other organisation – roads that cater for massive trucks and trailers fully loaded. Their roads are not sealed, but with the basics done, it could well be a quicker option than what is not happening currently. All we can look forward to is a “temporary” fix on the Tapu - Coroglen Road by June! This would be laughable - if it was funny.

7) Finally, I question your statement about “working with communities to set up Community Response Groups, that with the assistance of our Council’s Emergency Management Unit have come up with emergency plans for their areas”. There has been no such approach to our community in Wharekaho. In fact, I was so disillusioned with the lack of Civil Defence input I resigned from my position as a delegate for our area. Pam Balt was my contact person and in the years, I was involved, I never once met her and maybe spoke to her once on the phone. There was never any suggestion of a Defence Group or plan being formed. The most we received were the standard notices attached to the public toilets which we, as locals, never come close to.

Mayor Len, I do understand you cannot be everywhere to check on everything, but there are too many serious issues here that do not appear to be being addressed at any level. We ask for honest, accurate information so there are no misunderstandings moving forward. Your general “lecture’ notes in last week’s Informer don’t help one bit. Help us to help you. Keep us informed with specifics.

Ady Cole-Ewen

Wharekaho/Simpsons Beach

Waikato Regional Council

I can see why they changed their name at our expense from "Environment Waikato”.

as it appears protecting our environment is the last thing on their agenda. If they are busy not enforcing riperion margins or allowing Coer Gold to walk away from their Tailings dam full of heavy metals, they now grant a resource consent to cage formerly majestic & proud wild king fish in open ocean & pour artificial fish food & antibiotics ("medicines") into this wild biodiverse ecosystem to fatten glassy eyed sick looking mutant fish.

Have they not seen the results of this overseas? One more nail in our coffin of monocultural insanity.

To reduce a wild biodiverse ecosystem to one species of pelagic fish with the only goal of making money from it, at this stage in our evolutionary progress is just a huge step backwards.

Roger Harwood


Autism article

I meant to send you a note a few weeks back re the article you did with the person who is

affected by autism. It was an awesome article (I think so anyway). Great job!

Carol Buchanan



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