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Letters to the Editor

Pertinent reminder re Aeroclub and Airfield

I would like to remind people that the Whitianga airfield and Mercury Bay Aeroclub is a member only organisation, thus which owns the land and facilities and is run by financial Aeroclub members. The activities of the club are to serve its members and their interests (and some egos). As for being community minded, when the Council and the Mercury Bay Aeroclub completed a land transaction some years ago, being the extension of runway 34 exchanged for land to access the helicopter base and Sheriff block, Aeroclub took legal action against TCDC as they demanded market value of the land be paid, (even though they received more land area). This cost ratepayers approx $75,000 plus legal fees. In the late 1980’s, when the Aeroclub was about to default on its mortgage repayments, an invitation was put to the Speedway Club and a gentleman's agreement was made to partner up and thus a great relationship happened. Mercury Bay Raceway got a home, and a dirt track was built by members of the community. The eff orts of the Mercury Bay Raceway Club not only saved the Aeroclub but paid for many improvements to the Aeroclub facilities – a true community organisation, with go karts, model yacht pond, model aircraft and speedway. Fast forward to around 2009 and with a change of direction and opinions within the Aeroclub division, this led to the demise of the speedway division. With no legal written agreement in place, the gentleman's agreement support LOCAL It’s more important than ever was terminated; so much for community spirit. The use of the airfi eld requires fees to be paid to the airfi eld and therefore operates as a commercial business. Fares are purchased by those that use the airfi eld, so the customer is paying. In no way should the good ratepayers of TCDC be expected to fund a sealed runway on a private airfi eld. Mercury Bay Aeroclub has successfully built many new hangers, made many fi nancial improvements, all within house. They know the expense of a sealed runway and the upkeep to such makes it an unviable option. Would the community be expected to pay these ongoing costs? Sidenote: the clay from the track is now under said hangers. Before we know it we will be a small Sydney, where we have an airport in the middle of town (and it is already happening).

Rob Davis, Whitianga

Come on, let’s rally!

So, we are told times will be tough and we must curb our spending! Now think about how that will impact our retailers and businesses in town which should be of concern to us, the residents. We need to rally and support local, or we will lose some of them possibly never to return. Now is the time to show our loyalty as much as possible especially with the lack of visitors due to the terrible roading situation. Forget your ‘online ’shopping for a while to save a few dollars or so you believe. Actually, by the time you add delivery charges and face possible dissatisfaction and the need to return things, you haven’t even physically seen, THINK LOCAL. Most retailers will look carefully at their prices and be glad to have your business. I am an ex-Aucklander (down here for 37 years). I retired years ago and have no connection whatsoever with any local business, but I like to think I am loyal and thankful for the wonderful service and help I have received over the years with very few exceptions. Please think about it as people consider closing their shop etc. They need us now, so come on Whitianga, our town will be the poorer if they go. Let’s do what we can to help out.

Gloria Humphries, Whitianga

Editor’s Note: For those readers in Tairua, Coromandel, and Thames - the same will apply. “Let’s all do what we can to help out.”

In response to ‘Electrosmog is real’

Thanks Neera for your letter and link in the recent letters to the Editor (issue May 23, P.22) Letters to the Editor See inside back cover for our requirements with regard to letters and contributions As a resident of Purangi Road, Cooks Beach, our neighbourhood is working very hard to influence the council not to consent to a new Spark telecommunications facility at the end of our driveway. We are making little headway with Connexa who manage the process and installation. They negate all arguments we take to them, including potential health issues, property devaluation, the fact that it is a current bus stop for local students etc. They have their research they draw on to negate what we fi nd. It is so very frustrating but we won’t give up. The Law doesn’t help us but we will continue to battle. It’s a shame our voices are not heard and our reasons deemed to be wrong or insignifi cant. The law does not favour any of us yet we must live with these consequences. This is all in the name of progress. Thanks in advance for printing this. Sarah Matheson, Cooks Beach

Crossing the Line

Your correspondent Trevor Ammundsen is correct about the need for better interaction between pedestrians and scooters and cycles. (Informer 18 May 2023). However his suggestion, (he will say, 'tongue in cheek'), for pedestrians to carry a baseball bat is totally out of line. Many in this town are committed to, and working actively, to prevent a culture of violence. These guest editorials constantly cross the boundaries of positive social interaction and I suggest it’s time to fi nd another “guest” to contribute to this publication.

Anna Horne, Whitianga


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