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Letters to the Editor.

Council owned land– a burden for ratepayers?

With hindsight, a good idea has become a burden on the ratepayers. I am referring to the Sport Park in Moewai Road, Whitianga which was developed by Hopper Waterways Concept Plan.

This land was established in an ideal setting off the old Highway roading work. Like all Hoppers Work, the Sports park was set up most professionally with all infrastructure needed to proceed. Then it was handed over to Thames Coromandel District council to complete the project- as was the case with the medical centre on Joan Gaskell Drive.

Unfortunately, the medical centre did not survive under Council ownership. It now has a new direction and is due to open shortly.

In my opinion, the Sport Park in Moewai Road should be sold as soon as possible by Council to allow private ownership to expand opportunities for the community and especially the finishing of the facility which would allow the ability of after functions and thus be able to host big sports competitions. Safeguards would need to be addressed by Council in its sale to protect the integrity of the development.

Noel Hewlett


Dear Editor,

In a recent Informer a letter to the editor bemoaned the fact that the Robinson Rd. Boat Ramp needed some urgent cleaning by TCDC. Incidentally this was actioned shortly after the letter appeared.

What was not known by the writer was ever since the installation of the boat ramp John Jackman had cleared the debris away after storms, had water blasted it when needed and kept it looking pristine. Sadly he is no longer with us.

My own husband has helped make beaches rubbish free over many years and currently keeps an area of the complex where we live leaf free and drains clear.

All over Whitianga and throughout NZ, volunteers see a need and quietly do it without any fuss. To my mind they are all unsung heroes and need to be applauded.

Janet Brown,

41/ 73 South Highway,

Whitianga, 3510.


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