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Letters to the Editor

Human resilience not enough for 1080

I have been told that DOC is preparing to drop 1080 over a piece of land at Whenuakite. This drop will probably be under the command of Nick Kelly who told us in 2021 that the local 1080 drops were not saving our trees.

Poison baits will land in the headwaters of the Whenuakite river. The poison leaches out of the baits as soon as they hit the water which becomes dangerously toxic.

The liquid 1080 gradually gets more diluted as it flows downstream. Small aquatic life such as stone fly nymphs are wiped out on the way. When it reaches the sea, the concentration of 1080 in the water is not known. It is known that the poison remains toxic in the water. It doesn’t just disappear even though you can’t see it.

Drinking diluted 1080 will also affect humans as it will every other oxygen-breathing creature. Long-term 1080 injury will be experienced by those in Whitianga who drink diluted 1080 every four years after poison drops in their drinking supply.

We have been and continue to be, willing guinea pigs in a series of tests, tests which, so far, have proven the remarkable resilience of the human body.

John Veysey


Two photos from Walter Russell

Bananas grew at the Garage Walter brought these into the informer in response to the notes entitled, Blast from The Past page … in last week’s Issue 1058.

The coloured photo here was taken in 1975 showing Walter’s Father’s Caltex garage and car and truck repair workshop. Look carefully to see the banana plants that produced very edible bananas. There were other successful banana plants in Whitianga at the time. This garage stood where the Earth Store and Café is now.

Hoping to give a Royal Wave The second photo also relates to Blast from the Past and connects with the article on Captain Cook Memorial in this current issue – pages 8 and 9.

This photo was taken in 1970 and shows the Queen’s Rolls Royce parked at Walter’s Fathers garage. The Queen came by HMS Britannia which anchored off Shakespeare Cliff for the special celebrations relating to 250 years since Cook had come to Mercury Bay for the Transit of Mercury. The Rolls Royce was required for touring on land e.g., the commemoration of the Captain Cook memorial at Cooks Beach. Walter recalls,” We had the contract to garage the Rolls Royce and fill it with fuel. The Queen’s chauffeur (standing in the b & w photo) offered to take Margot, my wife, and our three-year-old son, Douglas for a ride. There was Margot, sitting up high in the back seat of the Rolls Royce, hoping that her friends would see this amazing royal car and what’s more, see Margot sitting in the back. Margot wanted to give them the ‘Royal Wave’, but not one of her friends were out and about that day.

Later, the Queen came by small boat from the HMS Britannia to Ferry Landing. Her Rolls Royce would have met her and driven to Shakespeare Cliff.

Walter Russell


I am pleasantly surprised, not to say amazed, at the prompt action taken by our local council. I am eternally grateful to have the lower concrete ramp finally exposed and usable again. It is essential for old men and small boats.

To be honest, I thought council reacting to public opinion had gone the way of the whalebone corset, the chastity belt and fondu evenings. I am in awe at the speed and efficiency shown by our local officials and would hope it is now on their regular maintenance plan.

I would also like to acknowledge the fantastic efforts of Mr Brown, the late Mr Jackman and others, whose keen sense of community kept the ramp clear and operational for so long.

Thank you.

Wayne Hill


Establishing Compliance with the Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association Constitution

Dear Editor,

Concerned members of the Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc (WRRA), have requested an urgent Special General Meeting to address anomalies in recent executive committee appointments and ensure compliance with the association's constitution.

There are noticeable irregularities in the executive committee appointments, particularly with the Chair's recent appointment, raising questions about transparency and decision-making. Insufficient information has been provided to the membership regarding these changes, which is essential for their awareness and engagement.

The current executive committee has been urged to call for a Special General Meeting, where members can seek clarifications, discuss decision-making processes, and ensure accurate record-keeping. News Flash! Subsequently we have been advised by WRRA they will not adhere to the constitutional rules. Residents and Ratepayers expect proper functioning representation from WRRA.

Yours sincerely,

Linda C Smith


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