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Letters to the Editor

Why we need a 'woke' education In his comments on education, Informer editor/owner Stan Stewart gave ample evidence of why we do need an education system that brings about a kind, considerate, well-educated and 'woke' society.

Nobody has been put at risk for respecting other people's self-selected pronouns. But whole societies have become freedom-destroying monstrosities when bigotry turns "normality" from an option to a normative and legislative demand by tarnishing and vilifying racial, sexual or cultural minorities and otherness in general. The freedom of being what some people consider "normal" is only ever as meaningful as the freedom of all others to be respected for who they are by society too.

Sadly, the new editors/owners of our local paper have repeatedly demonstrated that they are happy to vilify minorities in order to promote an oppressive form of 'normality'. Regarding sex education at schools, even King Canute could not stem the tide, and withholding sex education won't stop young people from experimenting with their sexuality. Sex education makes this time in their lives much safer and can avoid significant harm when youth are not educated in safe sexual practices and ethics.

We live in a diverse society, and nobody in their right mind wants to turn Aotearoa into a copy of repressive conservative regimes that restrict freedom and constrain education to a value set from the 60’s. The voice of the editors of the paper reminds us why we need to be very 'woke' and educate our students to be 'woke' in this time of rising bigot repressive rhetoric in the Western world if we want to remain a society that celebrates diversity, freedom and Aroha for all our people.

Thomas Everth


The Informer

A big thank you for getting Lorn and Carroll of the Hahei Library Mini Market to drop off an advance copy of the Summer magazine to us last week.. We so appreciate the support you are giving not only our Macadamia business but other local businesses showcasing what we do. We are so fortunate to have The Informer in our community providing first class publications. Looking forward to a busy weekend ahead.

Kind regards

Jillian and Doug of Cathedral Cove Macadamias

Question re Sand and Boating Club for the Public and Thames Coromandel District Council.

Question No 1. Why was sand dumped at the Dundas Street Boat Ramp that has been left there for over four weeks which is restricting parking for people going out to their boats launching and retrieving their dinghy, and other small craft etc.? Furthermore, why has it taken so long to remove the sand from this area? With holidays coming and weekend parking on busy weekends like the long weekend, there is no room for cars to park and vehicles with trailers?

Question No 2. Re the relocation of Mercury Bay Boating Club. This question as many parts

  • What is being proposed for this without any public consultation/ it has been mentioned that the plan is to move the Boating Club building to Crown land near the parking area at the Dundas Street Boat Ramp? Is this true?

  • Why is everyone who has found out about this proposed move being told to keep quiet about it? Does that make it a rumour or is there something going on which should not be? Why are our young people who are learning to sail, being moved around there to a very dangerous area of water. The estuary has a very fast flowing, tidal flow which at low tide is amongst sand banks, and rocks sitting out there from the boat ramp. Furthermore, boat traffic going in and out of the harbour, from the Waterways, and the river, as well as moored craft makes this option of sailing there even more dangerous.

  • Why put children’s lives at risk - they could be in danger while learning to sail, even being swept out to sea or up the harbour into moored boats and possible drowning?

  • Why move this club house from Brophys Beach - the idea was in could be moved back further from the beach. This is a safe location and with a bot of foresight from council the erosion would not have been so drastic. But this area can be fixed with some work and focus on getting a resource consent. There is nil tide flow and a safe launching area and it is predominantly for our young people/. Why would you hold up a resource consent for such a good cause?

Explanations and answers are required please….

June Bennett


A great birthday gift for 75

What a wonderful birthday gift the Mercury Bay Aero Club gave us all last Sunday. Driving into Mercury Bay on a glorious morning I was amazed to see every bit of beach space taken up with families gazing up into the sky. There would have been many thousands of locals and visitors watching the aerial acrobatics of a multitude of colourful planes from around the country, all brought together in a fantastic celebration of our local club’s 75th anniversary.

After the free aerial display many hundreds retired to the airfield to gawk at the flying machines with many taking the opportunity to sample a ride from the variety on offer including the classic Warbirds DC3, such a familiar sight in our local skies.

Many thanks to all the organisers and the magnificent men (and women) in those gravity defying machines for giving our community such a marvellous treat we could all enjoy together.

Alastair Brickell



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