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Life members at Seniornet

Life memberships are not lightly awarded in any organisation and it is so for Seniornet. They are the highest accolade that can be awarded in any organisation and are most commonly bestowed at the end of a stellar career prior to retreating to ones nest for a more peaceful and quieter life.

“However, on this occasion, Seniornet has chosen to catch these two esteemed members in full flight and award them Life member shield they are so active in the organisation,” says Ady Cole-Ewen, Chair of Seniornet. Molly Brown and Megan Henson were appropriately awarded Life Membership at the Annual General Meeting of Seniornet last week, well before they are even tempted to retreat to a quieter life.

These women have both held office in multiple areas at Seniornet Whitianga, and have made major contributions to the organisation over a long period of time. Many are aware of their service to other areas of community life in Mercury Bay. Well done. The Informer arrived after Molly had left the meeting and so we were not able to photograph her.


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