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Local contractor confirmed for Tapu-Coroglen repair

Extract from TCDC newsletter - Road to Recovery (Thursday 28 September)

A company based in Coromandel Town with a track record of local storm recovery work is set to complete the repair of Tapu-Coroglen Road. Work is set to begin this week, Monday 2 October.

Kelsey Construction was successful in their bid for the project, with director Hamish Kelsey saying his team was acutely aware of how crucial the project was for locals.

"We see how important it is to get this completed," says Hamish. "We employ local people and are looking forward to starting work and doing a good job for our community." He says the company currently employs 12 people, which can grow, depending on what projects they have coming up.

Earlier this year, Kelsey Construction worked to reopen roads in Colville, Port Jackson and other storm-impacted regions (pictured). The design chosen uses mass block retaining walls to support the underslip, with materials sourced from local suppliers. This method has been chosen to ensure that works can be completed quickly, while providing a long-term solution that meets long-term needs.

Works for the three sites on Tapu-Coroglen Road have been packaged together to maximise efficiency (see site of repair location image). The plan is to have the road reopened in mid-December, weather dependent. The current road closure will remain in place during construction. Access will be prevented to all road users due to ongoing changes in site conditions, reduced road wide due to earthworks, and safety of road workers and public. It is essential road users do not attempt to gain access through the sites during construction for your own safety.

“We would like to remind motorists to obey the signage and barriers preventing vehicles driving through this closed section of the Tapu-Coroglen Road. The risks of slips and/or collapse are real and may occur without warning.” Road signage will be in place with contact details if required; however if you wish to discuss these works or the road closure, please phone our Council on 07 868 0200. Updates on this project will be pasted to the TCDC roading webpage, Facebook page, and weekly newsletter.

Other pre-Christmas scheduled work

Black Jack Road, Kuaotunu has been listed as a priority by TCDC in its recent roading digital newsletters – ‘weather permitting’. It will be pleasing to see a timeline and appointed contractor for this much needed road (repair) for which there is no other alternative route and which will experience more intense traffic over the summer.

Special Note from The Informer: This road is still being used and not everyone is taking care with that usage. Just last month a dog was killed in front of its family due to two factors:

1) The dog was temporarily taken off its lead as people thought that the road was safe with no traffic

2) The vehicle with trailer slowed down then sped up and the dog was caught under the wheel.

This tragedy was not due to the slips and bad condition of the road. The situation of local people living living with frustration with situations that take so much time to fix could have been a contributing factor.

Caption: Repairs being conducted on the Tapu-Coroglen Road.

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