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Loyal - working hard on the Coromandel

One would have to hand it to Loyal. They are a hard working Party. Last Friday night Loyal’s candidate on the Coromandel, Ray Cobb, held a meeting for Loyal supporters and interested voters in the Whitianga Town Hall. Thirty of mixed ages and walks of life gathered. Ray is a successful businessman who is very serious that daily living, the economy and the ability to get things done for ordinary New Zealanders have to be simplified and produce discernible results. He is clear that the Loyal Party will work to return decision making to the local communities. He had a lot of a support amongst the small crowd, many members of which spoke well and obviously had a grasp of economic and political matters. Many had in the last months changed their vote from other parties to Loyal. Like many New Zealanders, they have chosen to vote another way rather than become cynical and uninvolved.

At a time when the bigger parties are jostling for the main seat of power, the Loyal Party, being its first election as a registered party, is building links and a name for itself to get some representation in parliament as a result of this week’s election. The Informer did not include Loyal in last week’s brief summaries of the policies of the major parties. We are not advocating one Party over another.

The message from The Informer is VOTE and Vote according to your heart as well as your head. Be sure that with MMP, you know what your Party Vote and your Candidate Vote mean.

These last few days have heralded the terrible attack on Israel by Hamas and now a war between the two; the hideous continuing debacle of the war on Ukraine by Russia; and then devastating earthquakes in Afghanistan. We in New Zealand are worried about roads not being open and slow motion from Councils and not being able to afford the standards of living we have been accustomed to. That is our right and our freedom. They are worth working hard to change and achieve better results than we have experienced. Everyone in this land has the chance to work hard alongside others. I can’t see another way. We won’t get there with grabbing, grasping, or just watching and giving opinions.

Caption: Ray Cobb.

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