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Mammogram logo winner.

A very special competition was held for the best design for the Project Mammogram Logo. The idea was to bring an identity to the new mammogram machine that can be an enduring image for marketing uses. People visiting the Art Expo got to vote on the caricature they liked best. There

were six finalists and each one drew quite a few votes but the winner by a good margin was Mandy Mammogram.

Isn’t she beautiful? The Artist is Lee Jones. Lee said that the name Mandy comes from the fact that a man can also get breast cancer and so Mandy made for the name, Mandy Mammogram. Lee Jones is a family man so the $500 grocery voucher was a welcome prize. Well done Lee and we

look forward to seeing Mandy Mammogram on T- shirts and posters.


Caption: "Mandy Mammogram."


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