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Marina Bay Restaurant

Excellent Asian-Fusion in Whitianga.

By Pauline Stewart.

Marina Bay Eatery across from the Whitianga’s estuary on the corner of Esplanade and Blacksmith Lane is a very attractive, gracious and popular restaurant and bar.

It has always been popular – great position and great food and they have a way of keeping you warm even when the restaurant door opens ushering in more diners. Sara Fordham has not long been the the chef at Marina Bay. She was previously at Flock in Tairua and has brought with her two amazing gifts to the Marina Bay Cuisine and hence dining experience.

The first is Asian fusion – exquisite tasting dishes of Asian food with that kiwi element which makes the taste intensely different but slightly familiar. It just leaves you wanting more.

The second is the sharing of the dishes. This has always been easy for traditionally European diners who look for their own serving. However, you still get your won plate but can place on it items form every served dish. This way of eating is now catching on very fast, and Sara understands this very well making sure that there enough for real sharing wth her sumptuous servings. This means many dishes can grace your table and the price per dish is no where near that of a full main course. The experience is also so much better – conversation comes easy when you are sharing food but not in the buffet sense of lining up and serving yourself. That is for different scenarios. The Marina Bay Restaurant and Bar has personal and attentive table service - fine dining, but the price is regular.

Abi the owner is very gracious and very proud to have Sara as chef. Come and experience Asian fusion and the desserts are just universally delicious.

Marina bays opening hours are Lunch, Thursday to Sunday - 12 pm to 3 pm Dinner (every night) Monday to Sunday, 5pm till late. Call for Reservations​: 07 867 1710.

Caption: Avi Rikhi, owner and Sara Fordham, head chef, are a great team.

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