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Matarangi’s Pink Breakfast

“It can’t be so difficult to organise a Pink Breakfast compared to what women suffer with breast cancer,” was Sharon Clay’s motivation when she heard that the previous organiser of the Matarangi Pink Breakfast could no longer do it. “So I decided I would go ahead and do it,” she said.

Sharon moved permanently to Matarangi five years ago to work with her husband, Stephen, in their Peninsula Pest Service business.

Sharon had been to a previous Pink Breakfast in Auckland, which she enjoyed, but at the time wondered why the speaker did not talk about breast cancer except for the fundraising aspect.

“My good friend has lost a breast and checking the figures, I knew that one in every eight women in New Zealand will receive the news that they have breast cancer,” Sharon said.

Last Wednesday, 47 women gathered at The Dunes Matarangi for the 2022 Matarangi Pink Breakfast and raised $1,800 for breast cancer research and treatment. However, Sharon’s talk was what everyone would remember the most. “What if it Happened To You” was the title of her brief address. She asked every eighth woman to stand. Six women stood and it was clear just how much breast cancer is a part of our society and its consequences for women and their families. In a leaflet everyone received, Sharon explained what tests and checks can be done to determine signs of breast cancer.

Sharon reflected that it is good to organise events like a Pink Breakfast and it’s good to talk about what matters without dwelling on it. “The more you do something good for others, you are doing something good for everyone and in that way, you are doing something good for yourself,” she said.

For Labour Weekend this year, Sharon intends to organise a Breast Cancer Walk. She will have details for publication in The Informer nearer to the time.

Pictured is Sharon during the Matarangi Pink Breakfast.


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