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May 11 - an auspicious day.

By Pauline Stewart.

Peter Sheehan’s 100th birthday ceremonies continued into this week with the RSA holding a special brunch for him on the actual day of his birthday – Last Thursday, May 11, After the big celebrations of 6 May at the Mercury Bay Bowling Club (covered In last weeks The Informer), this occasion was to focus on Peter’s service in Crete during World War II and to acknowledge his faithful and long membership of the Mercury Bay Returned Services Association (RSA) and Mercury Bay Club.

His family from Invercargill, Pam and Peter Calder and their children and grandchildren, stayed on for this special day with Chrissie Rogers (daughter) and Peter (son) at the RSA ceremony and celebration. Nigel Clifford, RSA Committee member, and Tony Remnant, RSA Vice President, represented the RSA. Don Bates represented the bowling community and Peter Calder spoke represented Peter Sheehan’s family. Peter Calder said, “I have been proud to be Peter’s son-in-law all these years and if anyone deserves to be 100, it is you, Peter.” He listed, for everyone present, the letters from King Charles III, the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and Scott Simpson, the local MP which had all ceremoniously arrived that day.

Peter still feels proud that he was able to serve his country and remembers well the battle that wounded him and brought him back to Christchurch hospital from Europe to convalesce.

He was treated by a nurse who became his beloved wife, Daisie. Peter still carries the shrapnel from the day he was wounded over 80 years ago.

The birthday man thanked everyone for going to so much trouble and effort for his Birthday.

Caption: Peter Sheehan & Family.

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