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MBAS Burger Competition - second round.

By Pauline Stewart.

It was the second class, one week later for the Burger competition for year ten Home Economics. One could see from the outset at 8.30am the beginning that last week’s message from Chef Sara had been heard.

That message was, “It’s all in the prep - do your prep carefully and the reward is in the finished product - the taste!”

There was quite an air of competition and with only half the numbers in the second week’s class, more room for each student to put their preparation to good effect. Principal Ross Dunn had time to pop in and savour some of the finished burgers and affirm the students at their work. Tracie Spiers, the Hospitality teacher, worked closely with the judges, Chef Sara and Jess, enabling presentation to be a part of the appraisal of each student’s work and assisting students with sa specks of their challenge.

The standard was high, and each small team prepared individual burgers but worked as a group sharing the cooking and presentation.

Sara Fordham, who is the Chef at Marina Bay Eatery offered a personal prize of $100 Warehouse gift voucher for the winner of the Burger Competition, and The Informer offered the same value prize for the winner of the first round in the previous week.

Well don’t to every student who tried so very hard to make their burger the best tasting and best presented.

Caption: Close up of a burger.


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