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MBC Sunday was a success -thank you Phil Hart

By Pauline Stewart.

Phil Hunt is well known across Mercury Bay – accountancy, community involvement, the Boating Club, supporting local artists with their original music compositions and recordings. He is also well known as an entertainer and Sunday night of The Kings Birthday weekend, Phil gave a stirling performance for diners, dancers and the listeners who stayed at their table to drink and have a chat. Phil covered music from Elvis to Bee Gees, Billy Joel, Elton John - with guitar, or keyboard or both. He sings with a huge vocal range, and everyone appreciated the quality of his music.

Mercury Bay Club provided a great Sunday night’s entertainment along with a generous roast dinner.

There was some excitement in the background at the Club – their Chef, Nee, was called away as Preveena his wife went into labour early. Betty Russell who assists Nee often, had to become the Maître d’. Everything continued smoothly.

Today Mercury Bay Club announced that a baby girl was born, Monday, 5 June 2023. Congratulations!

Caption: Phil Hart.


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