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Meet Cassandra.

By Pauline Stewart.

Cassandra Nevin is a Cooks Beach resident. Her parents are both artists, Julie and Gary, and she has been surrounded by art for as long as she can remember. “I was always playing and experimenting with colour,” says Cassandra.

At 15, Cassandra went for an exchange student year to Spain, and she has been back to Madrid keeping her Spanish alive and exploring the art of Spain.

Cassandra is a skilled artist of abstract works. In addition to painting, her life has found her in media as a presenter and an interviewer following her study at the South Seas Film and TV school. “Actually, next to painting, that is my favourite thing to do,” says Cassandra “I love it.”

After that study, Cassandra spent over five years in Australia, largely around the Gold Coast, working in the media industry – journalism, radio work, music documentaries. “Not all of these were funded,” “says Cassandra. “Some were made while I was working at other jobs. I have made a host of these small documentaries – music interviews, art related interviews, documentaries on bands - all kinds of music styles. My employer was very supportive of my creative work so I could fit everything in.”

When Covid hit, Cassandra was living in London, but after a while, she decided to come home, and home is Cook’s beach not far from the home and studio of renowned potter and sculptor, Alan Rhodes. “In 2020, I returned to Coromandel and started learning pottery. There’s a lot to learn but it also comes naturally to me. I have kept on with my art as well, doing a series of painting s on the beautiful beaches in this area.”

I feel like I am beginning again and that’s not so easy. I think Covid was instrumental in that for many people. There have been traumatic aspects of my returning home and actually for a time, pottery was the most healing thing I could do. In my art, particularly with my abstract works, I want people to look and know - it’s okay to not be okay all the time.’

In addition to her art profile, Cassandra has combined her pottery skills, and creative flair to design and produce aromatic wax - filled clay pot candles The Mt Eden markets were keen to have Cassandra’s candles and this was a great inspiration to get many ready for local markets as well.

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Caption: Cassandra Nevin's work.

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