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Melbourne Cup - action and glamour and fun

By Pauline Stewart.

The centre of dressing-up in style was The Mercury Bay Club. The Club committee had organised a dandy event with many participating in the best-dressed female and male competition, a special menu of pre-dinner drinks and snacks prior to the big race at 5.00pm with raffles, and lucky draws and a generous door prize to follow. At one point in the afternoon, the TAB machine broke down and this followed a little tension as race time drew near. It was soon fixed. The night was so very well supported long into the evening. Over 100 people simply enjoyed themselves whether or not they were successful punters.

At Smitty’s the large crowd of enthusiastic Melbourne Cup backers was not as adorned with sophisticated dress but there was hardly room to sit when the 5.00pm start was sounded. One of Smitty’s owners, Fleur Clayton set the bar high in fashion and glamour and there were a few models to accompany her.

Grace O’Malley’s customers enjoyed the Gracie’s sweepstake and a bit further on around the corner, Stoked Restaurant offered special dining with all the sophistication of the Melbourne Cup race-goers. Well done to all who put effort into this very well-loved race which two nations hold dear.

Caption: The organising committee for the Melbourne Cup festivities at the Mercury Bay Club.

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