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Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club prizegiving

There were just so many awards at the annual Mercury Bay Game Fishing Cub Prize Giving.

This Club is the fourth largest in New Zealand and punches above its weight in terms of achievements. This year, different members won a large number of national awards. The prize giving evening is run a bit like a party. It’s a culmination and a summary of the Clubs Fishing Programme and achievements through the fishing exploits of the club members.

In the annual report, President Gordon McIvor thanked everyone for their participation and generosity with the many volunteer roles needed in the Club, particularly his Vice president, Anne Smal for her work on the computer programme upgrade. Anne also hosted the prize giving, handing out all the awards with the support on detail and organising the trophies provided by Club Manager, Alan Proctor.

At many points entire families are involved in winning an award and trophy – and the contribution of the Nicholson and Maxwell families adding to the life and energy of the Mercury Bay Club is notable.

National awards: Congratulations were very deserving for -

  • Thomas Maxwell and the team on Mad Max who scored the most points in the striped Marlin section.

  • Dan and Melissa Ford on Mabel - the Dennis Davey Trophy for Team Champion Mahimahi.

  • Jeremy Waters and Marcus Wunderlich on Mercy - the C.D. Rods Trophy for Overall Team Champions.

  • For the New Zealand Sports Fishing Club Annual Trophy Awards, congratulations to Tony Croft for winning the Saul Trophy. Tony also won the Hooper Cup for the angler scoring the most points for the season.

Some of Hunter’s awards:

Kerr Trophy - Small Fry Angler scoring most points for the season

MBGFC Champion Angler primary Angler

Heaviest Snapper of the season by a Junior Angler.

Three very special national awards to three boys:

Hunter Nicholson (8 years) - Champion New Zealand Youth Angler

Club record for Skipjack 3.82kg on a 3kg line. This record was just 140gms off the national men’s record.

Levi Nicholson - second place in the New Zealand Club Champion Angler Primary section.

Club record for Skipjack 4.46kg on a 4kg line

Koby Maxwell in third place.

Alana Baker - heaviest Striped marlin of the season by a lady as well as the heaviest Striped Marlin of the season by anyone in the Club.

Tanya Patrick – President’s Trophy. - first Marlin of the season by lady angler and first gamefish of the season.

Melissa Ford – Kingfish scoring most points caught on light tackle Melissa also received two trophies on behalf of her daughter Lexi, who won the heaviest gamefish for the season Junior Angler and Most Meritorious Catch by a Junior Angler.

Kylie Phillips - Heaviest Gamefish of Season by Lady Angler. And also, Lady Angler scoring the most points during the Mercury Bay open.


1) Tony Croft, Tom Maxwell and Johan Smal, 2) Bryce Hooton, 3) Alana Baker, 4) Markus Wunderlich, 5) Tony Croft, 6) Nicola Candy and Chloe Roberts, 7) Ann Small and Michael

Hoogendoorn, 8) Jeremy Waterer, 9) Melissa Ford, 10) Reuben Percival, 11) Tanya Patrick,

12) Tom Maxwell with children Kody and Jessica, 13) Anthony Baskett, 14) Thomas Boyd,

15) Lee Johnston, 16) Kylie and Mark Phillips.


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