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Mercury Bay Spouting - a dynamic father and son duo are taking over

After seven years of service to Mercury Bay, Tony Moyes of Mercury Bay Spouting has decided it’s time to hang up the snips and clips. He would like to dedicate more time to his many passions, including boating, crafting fantastic copper sculptures, cruising around on his motorbike and, of course, spending his spare moments with his wife, Marianne.

In his stead, Tony has left his faithful customers in the trusty hands of dynamic father and son duo, Justin and Storm Annereau. They are looking forward to take over the business, which they have renamed “Mercury Spouting”, on 1 June

Having strong family ties to Mercury Bay, Justin and his family relocated from the hustle and bustle of Auckland nine years ago to settle in Whitianga. “We came down with early visions of retirement… which obviously didn’t happen,” Justin laughs. Instead, he began working at NZ Wheelbarrows as the corporate account manager for Bunnings, Carters and BuildLink. Despite enjoying his job, the strain of the commute to Hamilton, where his job was based, was one of the main instigators for his drive to buy Bay Mercury Spouting.

Storm, who has worked in property maintenance for the past seven years and is only 19 years old, says he always wanted to do his own thing. “I’ll enjoy having more control over my future and I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to learn more,” he says. “I will still be carrying on a little property maintenance as well as running Mercury Spouting as I’m saving for a house deposit.”

It’s obvious that Justin is very proud of Storm. “Storm has always been way too responsible and hardworking, unlike myself at his age,” he laughs. “I’m very happy to be going into business with my son. He’s got his head screwed on right. The deal is he’s got the intelligence, brawn and youth, and I’ve got the experience and dad jokes.”

Justin and Storm assure their customers that they will still be providing the same great services that Tony offered for new spouting, re-spouting and spouting repairs, as well as guttering, downpipes and a new fascia service, all available Peninsula wide. “We are looking at building on what Tony established and taking it to new heights,” Justin says. “Down the track we will be looking at employing another team member or two as the business grows.”

Currently Tony is still on the job, ensuring a smooth handover, and will be in the future on call for Justin and Storm if they need him. “After I suffered a heart attack earlier this year, it made me realise I just wanted to enjoy the rest of my life, not that I’m dying or anything,” he laughs. “I have already spent time with Justin training him up and I’m really happy I sold the business I started seven years ago to him and Storm. It needed some fresh blood and I know all my previous customers will be well looked after.”

To get in touch with Mercury Spouting, please phone Justin and Storm on (027) 378 0081.

Pictured is Justin (left) and Storm Annereau, the new owners of Mercury Spouting.

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