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Mission accomplished!

By Pauline Stewart.

Dave McConachie’s hair did not grow very fast. It has been many months since his friend challenged him to grow a mullet.

Dave is not the mullet growing type – he is a refined man with tastes that don’t generally sport mullets.

But when his friend said, “If you do grow a mullet Dave, I will give $1,000 towards Project Mammogram. Dave could not resist and so began A Mullet for Mammogram which has doubled that figure of $1,000 and with Dave’s efforts, he has drawn attention to the need for a mammogram machine in this region as well as created a lot of goodwill and positivity much needed at this time. Project mammogram initiated and organised by Whitianga Lions with the support of Mercury Bay Lions, has raised up to $60,00 since Mike Adams, Project Leader, began the fundraising journey.

Last Thursday evening, 4 May, at his Lions Club meeting at mercury Bay Club, Dave’s mullet, sporting the colour fluorescent pink for cancer, was cut off by Richard Heritage of Bay Barbers.

It was great5 entertainment at Dave’s expense but worth all those months for a cause which will save lives.

Caption: Barber Richard Heritage and Dave's wife Libby assessing the new look.


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