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Model Show bigger and better.

By Jack Biddle.

Last weekend’s model show held at the Town Hall in Whitianga was a big hit for all-age groups with a large variety of both static and working models on display and all showcasing the skill, expertise and the unimaginable patience of those exhibitors whose passion is modelling. Organiser Damon Christensen was very pleased with the overall turnout from the general public which was a significant increase from the previous model shows with just i were 700 people attending. He was also full of praise for the efforts those exhibiting their individual creations made in setting up their displays. “Relocating their works of art from basically the garage into a display area for public viewing is not an easy task, but they are all very passionate about modelling and their individual creations and they love sharing the journey with the general public. Hopefully the show has also attracted some interest from those visiting who may want to give modelling a go. It’s a hobby that has no age barriers or specific agendas. I have also fielded interest from people asking if they could display their models at next year’s show, which is fantastic,” says Damon.

The kids colouring-in competition drew plenty of interest as well for the young ones while there was plenty of nostalgic models and settings on display to spark the interest of the older generation.

Members of the Whitianga Lions Club were also on hand selling entry tickets to the show with some of the proceeds raised going to Project Mammogram.

A big thank you goes to Guthrie Bowron for supplying transportation to get the displays to the Town Hall. From Mercury Bay, deep appreciation to all the exhibitors.

Caption: One of Eris Boyack’s many miniature creations at the Model Show.


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