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By Joanna Verburg ACT Party Candidate.

Q. What got you interested and committed to politics?

A. I’ve always followed politics, particularly during my career in financial markets, as political decisions impact the markets through the effects they have on people and business. I’ve realised we need Real Change to fix the complete mess the current government is making of our beautiful country. Labour is driving inflation, lawlessness, and division. In stark contrast, ACT aspires for New Zealand to be affordable, safe, and united. ACT is the only party with the courage, people, and policies to make the Real Change required for this country to flourish once more.

Q. What are the best of ACT policies that will work for people of the Coromandel Peninsula? A. Years of lock downs, extreme weather and incompetent government have really set the Coromandel back. Towns across the electorate need visitors to return to our shops, cafés and tourist hot spots and for people to be able to buy houses in the area. For that to happen, we need roads to be fixed, properties to be developed and houses to be built, for jobs to be created.

ACT has several policies to help.

· The creation of a Ministry and a Minister of Regulation will cut through the layers of red tape constraining growth and development within the electorate.

· ACT’s roading policy which allows private companies to invest in and build roads will enable critical infrastructure to be delivered in a more timely and cost-effective manner. Engineers and surveyors in the electorate tell me that a reduction of unnecessary regulations would decrease costs by at least 50% and take years off the time it takes to deliver key projects.

· Crime is out of control in some parts of the electorate and at the same time the consequences for offenders are being reduced. The only promise Labour has delivered on in 6 years is to reduce the prison population. Unfortunately, they’ve done that by releasing dangerous criminals back on to the streets with no rehabilitation. ACT’s policy says prisoners won’t get parole before they learn how to read or write or a get a driver’s licence. This way, when they are released from prison, they have some prospect of employment and contributing to society in a productive way.

ACT is the Party for the People, a party who listens and acts accordingly.

Q. What is the hardest policy to sell but one which you think we need?

A. I think there is a huge desire for change this year, so ACT’s policies, which promise real change and fresh new ideas are very welcome. One policy that will face a lot of opposition from the Wellington bureaucracy is ACT’s proposal to end divisive co-governance and define once and for all what the Treaty really means. But we need to deliver this policy to bring New Zealanders back together as one people.

Q. What is it about ACT or Labour that has made the Coromandel a safe seat for National for so long?

A. ACT only campaigns for the party vote, so would not expect to win in Coromandel.

Q. What has changed in the people’s hearts and minds or what do you perceive has changed?

A. Disillusionment with the direction the current government is driving the country.

I’m speaking with people all over the electorate and people are angry. They were promised so much, and nothing has been delivered. There is nothing to show for $56 billion of extra spending and 17,000 extra public servants employed since Labour took office.

How are we supposed to repay the enormous debt this government has dumped on us when our GDP is declining, and inflation is rampant. Slowly but surely people are beginning to realise that the “single source of truth” and the ‘kindness” was all an illusion. In comparison ACT holds values of self-determination, uncovers the truth,and uses common sense.

Q. What are your strengths in this whole matter of improving the quality of life for New Zealanders?

A. I’m a regular Kiwi girl who has experienced life the way it really is, rather than being a polished career politician. I know what it’s like to raise a child as a single parent, to be made redundant, to support someone you love through mental illness, to lose your annual crop in a storm, to wonder how you’ll pay the bills.

From Pamela Grealey - Green Party candidate for the Coromandel.

Q. How long have you been in political life and what got you started? A. Life is a political act. I've been campaigning about injustice and environmental issues since I was teenager.

Q. What are best of Green policies that inspire you to work amongst the Coromandel Peninsula people A. We have a raft of policies geared to lifting people up while ensuring we remain within the boundaries of the planet. By rebalancing the tax system to ensure its more equitable we can help lift every family out of poverty and with our dental policy guaranteeing that everyone gets free basic dental care we're all going to be happier and healthier Q. What are your strengths in this whole matter of improving the quality of life for New Zealanders? A. I'm been running my own business for years and I have hands on experience supporting people in the area through the Coromandel Workers Council. I'm also a good listener and very pragmatic in reaching solutions.

Green Party Unveils Revolutionary Clean Power Payment Policy

Press release – 14 August 2023

The Green Party has announced a groundbreaking Clean Power Payment policy which will ensure all New Zealanders can enjoy comfortable homes and manageable bills.

“It will also assist in creating a sustainable and zero-carbon future for New Zealand and will revolutionize the way we approach energy consumption and home upgrades,” says Pamela Grealey Green Party candidate for the Coromandel.

The core tenet of the Clean Power Payment is the introduction of financial support for upgrading homes to utilize clean power. Ms Grealey said, "With the Clean Power Payment, homeowners can make a significant positive impact on the environment while saving substantial amounts on their energy bills annually."

Under the Clean Power Payment policy, grants of up to $6,000 will be provided to homeowners for various upgrades, including improved insulation, replacing fossil-fuel appliances with clean alternatives like heat pumps, and investing in rooftop solar power. Moreover, to facilitate comprehensive zero-carbon home upgrades, interest-free loans of up to $30,000 will be available.

Landlords will also find value in this policy, as zero carbon upgrades will be tax-deductible for rental homes, contributing to the Green Party's commitment to renters' rights.

Acknowledging the urgency of addressing climate change and ensuring comfortable living conditions for all, Ms. Grealey highlighted, "By upgrading our homes, we ensure they remain warm, comfortable, and powered by clean energy sources. This initiative is especially crucial as 110,000 households currently struggle to keep their homes adequately heated due to underinvestment over the years."

Ms. Grealey emphasized the complementary nature of the Clean Power Payment with the existing Warmer Kiwi Homes program, while also recognising the need for a more robust solution.

"Our commitment to the Clean Power Payment doesn't undermine the progress made through the Warmer Kiwi Homes initiative. Instead, it complements and augments it, ensuring that homeowners have access to the financial support they need to install solar panels, heat pumps, and energy-efficient upgrades," she said.

Importantly, the funding for this initiative will be sourced directly from the contributions made by major polluters through the Climate Emergency Response Fund," Pamela Grealey stated.

"The Clean Power Payment, combined with our Income Guarantee, will offer peace of mind to all New Zealanders, ensuring that they can enjoy comfortable homes and manageable bills," Pamela Grealey said.

From Beryl Riley - Labour Party candidate for the Coromandel.

Kia ora katoa. Greetings to everyone. I’m proud to be standing for Labour in the beautiful Coromandel electorate with its diverse communities and resilient, community minded residents. Living in Thames near family, I’m part of a lively music scene and am a trustee for Thames Community Centre. My work takes me across Coromandel supporting people with mental health issues, so I see the financial and other challenges families face daily.

Living in small communities in a largely rural electorate means that some things city dwellers take for granted like access to public transport and to health services are just not so easy or available here. Rural people have to be more self-sufficient and adaptable. Being part of a community and helping to develop my community has always been important to me. So, I bring my skills and experience as a community volunteer, businesswoman, teacher, psychologist, school principal, and senior public service manager to being an effective Member of Parliament for Coromandel.

I hope to meet you personally at your local weekend market soon. I want to hear what your concerns and issues are. Connect with me on Fb beryl riley for coromandel or instaberylrileyforcoro.

Please ring me on 027 7800 033 or email me on if you want me to come and meet with a group or attend a cottage meeting.

I’m in it for Coromandel – and I’m IN IT FOR YOU! Please Vote 2 Ticks for Labour on October 14.

From Scott Simpson - National Party candidate for the Coromandel.

Scott Simpson is our current MP and National Party candidate for the Coromandel. We will

hear more from him in next week's issue.


It has been reported that some of the political party hoardings have been defaced both locally and

nationally. Whatever our views, we must respect the different positions and perspectives held.

This vandalism needs to stop.


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