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Museum Store Sunday



On Sunday, November 27, 2022, the Mercury Bay Museum is thrilled to participate in Museum Store Sunday, an annual holiday shopping day supporting cultural institutions and their stores. This year, more than 1,800 museum stores representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia, 24 countries, and five continents will celebrate Museum Store Sunday and offer unique gifts for the holiday season—with all purchases supporting the Museum and the artisans and craftspeople who create many of the gifts found in museum stores.

“This year the Mercury Bay Museum will open on the Sunday to allow for our community to shop in our store for those amazing gifts and every sale supports us in what we do in the Museum. We are also launching new products in our store that are created locally – hats and t-shirts with our amazing butter box logo. These have been created by Emma at Zeek and Co. Come in and meet Emma who will be with us with some of her other products too” says Rebecca Cox, Manager, Museum. “We will also have some other new products available in the gift store so we can all be ready for Christmas!”

Patricia Sampson, President of the Museum Store Association’s Board of Directors, continued, “Museum Store Sunday is an opportunity for the community to support their local cultural institutions simply by doing their holiday shopping at their museum stores. Patrons will find a collection of unique, educational, and creative items in these museum stores – gifts you can’t find anywhere else, and gifts that everyone on their list will love. By shopping on Museum Store Sunday, you’ll not only find the perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family, but you can also know that your dollars are directly supporting the cultural institution’s mission and programs. It’s a way to shop consciously, shop smart, and shop local.”

Shoppers can look forward to Museum Store Sunday as the global annual day to Be a Patron – and support museum stores and their missions worldwide. While there is only one Museum Store Sunday each year, everyone is encouraged to Be a Patron of museums and museum stores all year round.

For more information on events and promotions during Museum Store Sunday at Mercury Bay Museum please visit and follow us on social media Bay Museum and @mbaymuseum on Instagram.

For up-to-date information on Museum Store Sunday, including a list of global museum store participants and online museum stores, visit and:

For More Information on Mercury Bay Museum Contact:

Rebecca Cox

For More Information on Museum Store Sunday, Contact:

Museum Store Association


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