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New business group in Tairua.

By Pam Ferla.

Tairua businesses struggling to cope with closure of SH25A are joining forces and setting up a business group in a bid to get more support.

Owner of Elysian furniture and homeware, Peter Hunt, is one of those keen to see a pro-active business association in the town. Get it On owner, Maree Smith, and Donna Brooke of Sunlovers Retreat are also instigating the move.

Peter points out that Tairua and neighbouring Pauanui are the most affected by lack of visitors to the area, with the longer journey deterring people from visiting the Coromandel Peninsula and Whitianga residents often choosing to take the west coast route, and so avoiding Tairua.

“Our business are feeling the effects of this and struggling, so we want to unite and see how we can help ourselves. If we work collectively, market ourselves and come up with ideas, showing that we are proactive, then we may also get the support we need. We can talk to people and investigate how other towns and business groups are dealing with the situation. We can be a united voice and be more effective when dealing with government and the Council.”

He says, ‘a straw poll’ of businesses in Tairua established a groundswell of support for the proposal.

Peter is busy drafting a set of rules in order to incorporate and register the organisation. Next step is the first meeting, planned for Thursday, 8 June with the venue yet to be confirmed.

He is hopeful of a good attendance, saying the more people and their businesses that get involved, the better it will be for all of them.

Peter has been involved in marketing and advertising for many years including time as Chairman of Franklyn Tourism Group.

Peter and his wife, Lindy, transferred their business to Tairua 14 months ago after relocating from Pukekohe.

“We felt Tairua was the best place for us because it is a central location within the Coromandel region and also a lovely place to live.”

For more information contact Peter Hunt. Mob: 021623040.

Caption: Peter Hunt of Elysian furniture and homeware is one of the businesses keen to start a new business group in the town.


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