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New family comes to Flooring Xtra.

Kurt Richardson is no stranger to a business like Flooring Xtra. He has worked in the flooring and floor covering business for 16 years and been a contractor for six of these years. Kurt is also familiar with many Whitianga homes, having measured and advised on floorings and surfaces as well as laid the carpet or tiles. But now Kurt and Hana are moving with their family from Coromandel to Whitianga, to take on their new business, Flooring Xtra in Albert Street, Whitianga. They have both already started at their new place of work, and the actual house move comes later. “Two of the children, Hope and Owen, have already changed schools to Mercury Bay Area School, and they are loving it,” said Kurt.

Hana and Kurt want to build a stronger future for their family, “ Buying into the business of flooring is a way of coming away from the floor and into managing and building a stronger business and better future,” says Kurt. “With four young children, this is very important to Hana and me. I have the skills and experience and I love the satisfaction that making a home look great, brings.”

Hana adds, “We want to grow the business and we can both be involved in this.” She smiles, “A seven week old baby, arriving early and right at this time of moving, is a bit of a shake-up for all of us, but the family is very happy wth the decision to move and with this new challenge that, as a family, we will be involved in together.”

The Richardson family want people to come to their shop, say “Hi.” “We will be here to help you. As well as viewing quality products and service, you can meet Dane, our seven week old joy.”

Pictured: From left: Kurt, Hope, Hana with baby Dane (7 weeks), Quinn and Owen Richardson.

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