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New holistic health hub.

By Erica Sacault.

Erica Sacault has thought about the idea of a Holistic Health Hub for a long time. Ideally, she was to create it with others, but that proved difficult when considering the number of practitioners and health services out there.

So, she took it on board to get it done solo, and has finally got it up and running.

The website, Holistic Health Whitianga, has been created with the hope that people will find the great array of experienced Health and Wellbeing practitioners and services out there in the community more easily. Holistic Health Whitianga aims to incorporate all therapies, activities, and services that promote wellness.

When you hear the words, Holistic Health, people often think of CAM (alternative and complementary medicines) such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, or other Eastern-inspired traditional health therapies. Erica feels these therapeutic methods that lie outside orthodox medicine, are an important part of Holistic health but she also believes The Arts, Body Movement, Spiritual – Emotional Therapies are just as relevant to our health and well-being.

Erica understands there is certainly a time and place to go to the doctor. She says, “It is not about doctors not being competent at what they can do. There are many ailments that can simply be sorted by other natural practitioners or by changes in lifestyle. Mainstream drugs can be great and lifesaving. However, often one could use something more natural and less harming on the body.

An example for Erica was when she helped a friend who couldn’t get to the doctor for the cough, she had had for three weeks. The friend wanted antibiotics (what she usually gets from her doctors when she has a cough). “We had a consultation, I prescribed a Homeopathic Remedy and after three days the cough was gone,” says Erica. “Homeopathic remedies will not hurt your body in any way.”

Erica says, “My reason for creating this website was to make it easier for people to find what they need to maintain their health or return to health, because this differs for everyone.”

Ideally, this site will be a one-stop site for people to find Natural Health Practitioners Life and Health Coaches, Massage and Bodywork Therapists, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Therapists, Art Therapists, Breath workers, Activities and Courses, Retreat Centres, and Relaxation options that will rejuvenate, stimulate, encourage and coach you back to health. I hope to keep the site interactive with health tips and up-to-date research.” This is just the beginning and she hopes that more practitioners and health services will join the site.


Caption: Erica Sacault.


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