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New logo and Honorary Life Membership.

John Henson was presented with an Honorary Life Membership to the Historical Society last Wednesday, 30 August, in recognition of the work he has done for the Society (most recently the Society’s new logo) and also the Mercury Bay Museum for his magnificent contributions to displays over the years.

John presented the Logo he had created and produced for The Historical Society to their monthly gathering at The Lost Spring last Wednesday.

People were so very positive. “The biggest part of designing is coming up with a great idea that will work,” says John. “That takes time and it can surprise you. Then once it is approved by the board or committee that you are working for, then you can begin the technical work of creating a logo. I have tried to bring together in imagery, the various strands of our history in this region and our context, without being too confining. Images need to be recreated and manipulated to fit next to one another as if they belong. I have done this kind of work for many many years. Now in retirement, I can choose what to do for my community. The skills don’t leave you. John also does the advertisements for SeniorNet.

Walter Russell, well known and well loved community leader, was the guest speaker for this occasion. Walter had many stories relating his memories of growing up in Mercury Bay as well as detailing the early history of the Aero Club and the first flying machines that taxied down the main

street. More about this in next week's issue.

The Mercury Bay Historical Society has coffee mornings, with a speaker, at The Lost Spring on a Wednesday or Thursday every month or so.

Caption: Alastair Brickell President of Historical Society, presents John Henson with his Honorary Life Membership recognition and at the same time Alastair receives the new Logo design from John.


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