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New mayor, strong lead

Len says that preparation for the job of Mayor began three years ago when he stood against the then encumbent, Mayor Sandra Goudie. “It was the day before nominations were due to close and there were no other names in the running. I felt there would not be an election if no one else stood.” Well that was 2019 when Len ran second to Mayor Sandra wth a decent number of votes. Now in 2022, he is the Mayor of Thames - Coromandel District, in the driver’s seat as it were.

Part of Len’s platform focussed on smaller communities needing more investment projects; that local jobs and opportunities for local people needed urgent resources as well as volunteers groups needing more support and less red tape. His recycling and environmental push to have less waste and re-use waste by providing re-cycling centres is popular and appreciated.

Elected Community Board Members for the Thames Coromandel Region Four members were elected to each board.

Coromandel-Colville Community Board:

Gavin Jeffcoat, Kim Brett, Jean Ashby, James Davis

Mercury Bay Community Board

Peter MacKenzie,  Krissy Robinson, Bess Kingi, Caroline Hobman

Tairua-Pāuanui Community Board

Warwick Brooks, Chris New, Cath Wightman, Barry Roberts 

Thames Community Board

Adrian Catran, Holly MacKenzie, Rob Johnston,  Kishan Raikwar 

Whangamatā Community Board

Dave Ryan, Denis Beaver, Mark Drury, Neil Evans -

Congratulations to our newly elected Mercury Bay Local Board members. All four are new to the Board and local government.

Caption: Successful Local Board member, Bess Kingi (centre), standing with Billie Hunter and Candice van de ven who were unsuccessful this time in their local government bids.

Peter Mackenzie, Chrissie Robinson and Caroline Hobman.

Congratulations to our elected Mercury Bay Councillors

Rekha Giri-Percival, John Grant and Deli Connell photos here

Rekha said leading up to the elections that “ it was time for her to take off her local board hat and be a Councillor on TCDC.” That has come about. Rekha comes with a good deal of experience in local government with having served two terms on the Local Community Board. Her organisational and leadership skills will now be applied across the Peninsula. “We can’t do away with all the problems but we can provide alternatives that are progressive and positive to help businesses and the quality of human life. I intend to work with the team to do this. “

John Grant:

Deli Connell:

Deli has served three terms on Mercury Bay Community Board. Her pre- election statement struck a chord with many. “I am particularly mindful of the need to balance our rich cultural heritage and natural environs with tourism and business interests ensuring the best lifestyle possible for our people - young and old.” Deli believes that along with the other TCDC councillors, she will need to ‘hit the ground running” and use all her experience.

Coromandel-Colville Ward (One Councillor)

John Morrissey (Elected Unopposed)

Mercury Bay Ward (Three Councillors)

Rekha Giri-Percival, John Grant,  Deli Connell

South Eastern Ward (Two Councillors)

Gary Gotlieb, Terry Walker

Thames Ward (Three Councillors)

Robyn Sinclair, Martin Rodley, Peter Revell

Warren Maher is our new Waikato Regional Councillor, having won by a slim margin from Dennis Tegg.

Warren’s pre-election statement still stands.

“Councils and community must have a strong relationship with a good level of trust and a great deal of communication. People power, the key to community not consultants. I seek your support to help put in place policy that will create economic growth, jobs and provide services that will make the Coromandel a better place to live while also preparing our district for the future.

I will be a councillor you can engage with. “

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