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Night Festival fever on the street.

By Pauline Stewart.

The photos in the newspaper out today speak for themselves - Whitianga Night Street Festival was a happy and great success. We ate well, dining in the street from a huge variety of stalls, tables and trucks and inside at tables in the cafes; we listened to excellent live music from Vegas Brown, Stuart Pedley and Phil Hart; we enjoyed the happy atmosphere - grateful for no rain and that lots of people had come out. The food vendors on the street sold out of almost everything. There was a concern that the cafes and restaurants might not do so well but there were good numbers who chose the warmer inside delicious menus. Market stalls selling produce and retail items attracted custom and the clothing stalls with their sales had shoppers browsing and hopefully buying. Children got faces painted, bubbles blown and very good choice of their kind of food. Families were in great supply. The connecting of people and the joy of children running up and down Albert Street was just that - it brought joy. People worked hard to make this happen.

Thank you.

Caption: Sienna and Elise Reader. Elise is Head Girl of MBAS and Dad, Nick Reader, was the organiser of the event.

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