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Nine bands present the Charity Concert

With names Iike Duckfoot, Bald Spots, Emmas Abs, Screw, Classic Qucumbers, The,

Habitless and Turnips – they could be items for a new kind of energy and wellbeing diet to

improve body function and appearance. But these names are not that.

They are the names of bands at Mercury Bay Area School, each one quite different in style

though guitar, drums and a vocalist are common to just about all of them. Each band performed

to a large audience, enthusiastic about all styles from folk pop to heavy metal. Dave Mulholland,

who is Art and Music Director at MBAS, is to be congratulated. Dave is developing talent both

instrumental and vocal and also the ability to make and sustain a band. Charlie McDougall,

year 13 student and compère, said the Charity Concert had been a highlight of her school

experience and greatly missed these last two Covid years.

The concert raised $1,600 for the New Zealand Stroke Foundation - an admirable effort by

teachers, students, parents and community members. To quote the coordinator, Dave

Mulholland, “I’m pleased with that.” The most mellow song of the evening was a

duet performed by Hunter Colman and Sam McLovin, pictured right; a good vocalist and

fine guitar work.

Caption : Hunter Colman and Sam McLovin

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