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No magic bullet – just helping each other and persevering.

By Stan Stewart.

It was not love at first sight but after many visits it was love indeed. Clare had been visiting the Coromandel for its beauty and relaxing atmosphere. But, in this selection of gorgeous locations, Whitianga stole her heart. “It’s not enough to visit that town, I’m going to live there,” she thought and she did. Starting at Lost Springs, in five years, she worked her way up to ‘Floor Manager and Online Media Coordinator’. Having qualifications in media and

marketing and adding to that her experience in the town and district, Clare decided it was time to take a plunge – not into Lost Springs, but to start her own business. That is how in June 2020 ‘Wanderlust Media Ltd’ came into being. This was a brave but scary move.

Over those years it was not just Clare who was evolving. Whitianga was also evolving. When Clare arrived, she perceived Whitianga to be a tradies and retirement community. But this has been changing. A younger generation has been moving in. Coming mainly from Auckland, young adults have been migrating from the big city to Whitianga. “It’s the lifestyle, opportunities and the relaxed atmosphere that attracts them,” says Clare. The rat race may offer more money, but that is not the key value for these younger people. They value a more relaxed lifestyle for themselves, and in many cases, for their children,” she says.

One of Clare’s commitments is being Secretary of the Mercury Bay Business Association. Through this organisation she is well aware of the ‘real’ world of Whitianga business. After two years of

lockdown caused by covid, comes a summer (2023) that is a non-summer. Businesses that rely on tourism and the income of special events are struggling. Survival requires patience, persistence and an unwavering commitment to the future. Wanderlust is a very special one-woman business that caters very well for businesses preparing to increase their impact.

Clare helps businesses to have a voice, to have their products and services noticed through the powers of social media and multiple marketing channels. Nothing is easy but it’s a case of finding new openings when traditional doors seem closed or only slightly ajar.

Clare Tod Wanderlust Media

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