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On your mark, get set, go!

It was a perfect day and the best setting for Cross Country races. Buffalo Beach hosted hundreds of children from MBAS as well as Whenuakite School for the annual Cross Country Junior school races on Monday. The children were aged between 7 years and 12/13 years. It was not farmland as in a traditional cross- country, but the sand provided good resistance; all the children were visible, and the sand enabled a cool barefoot run for every participant. “Yes, and every child had to take part,” says Leisa McCleery, Director of Sports at MBAS. “And every child is walking back to school this time, whereas in previous years, parents could come and pick their child up but it became problematic with parents picking up other children as well and keeping track among so many children in this setting is open to mistakes.” It seemed like a wonderful day, well-organised and so much enthusiasm from the children. I tihnk many will have sleep very well that night, including the teachers. Results for the races are available in the Sporting results page 31


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