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Slice Slice Baby welcomes TatiFrutti

By Stan Stewart.

Slice Slice Baby, at 23c Albert St Whitianga creates marvelous pizzas. If you haven’t tried a Slice Slice Baby Pizza, you’re missing out. Michael and Nadine are the owners and creators (with a little help from Michael’s Dad who works with Mike on making the dough every morning) of their range of delicious pizzas. Their pizza parlor “Slice Slice Baby” is open right through out winter, Wednesday to Sunday, 5.00pm to 8.00pm.

Juice and Pies during the day

Now there is more: The premises at 23c Albert St., is open from 8am to Monday to Saturday. How come? Tania and Agustin of Tatifrutti Juice Bar are on the job in this same premises, 23c Albert St Whitianga. And they are selling much more than juice. This energetic and imaginative couple from Uruguay are offering many tasty treats just right for cold winter mornings. Beautiful pies, empanadas (South American pasties) and piping hot, nourishing soup. Individuals with a sweet tooth will find cakes and pasties to die for on sale. We understand barista coffee is on the way. As to be expected from Tatifrutti Juice Bar, fruit juice squeezed while you wait is always available.

Each country develops its own distinctive tastes. For instance, Chinese food in New Zealand is very different to Chinese food in China. In this same way, snack foods and comfort foods in New Zealand are different to snack foods in Uruguay. It has been a challenge for Tania and Agustin to discover the subtle tastes and aromas that turn Kiwis on. They are getting there. More and more kiwis on the Coromandel are discovering and relishing the food prepared by this creative couple from Uruguay. And there is a growing appreciation of the flavours and textures of food from Uruguay. Everybody wins. Try their wonderful pies, made and baked in the ovens at Slice, Slice Baby.

Caption: Slice, Slice Baby Logo.


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