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Oppenheimer - the movie.

By Stan Stewart.

Is in town – in Mercury Twin cinemas – do yourself a favour and see it now! It’s long – over 3 hours. It’s captivating – no member of the Mercury Bay audiences have left before the film concludes.

REVIEWS: Scoring 94% on the Rotten Tomatoes review (that’s about as high as it gets.

RAHUL VYAS.M Oppenheimer: A Cinematic Symphony of Action and Emotion. Oppenheimer" is a breathtaking masterpiece that skillfully combines the elements of action, audio, acting, direction, and scene design into an unforgettable cinematic experience. Directed by the visionary filmmaker, Christopher Nolan, the movie takes audiences on an electrifying journey that weaves together heart-pounding action sequences, immersive audio design, exceptional performances, stunning visuals, and meticulous direction.

On the night we attended the theatre it was 75% full. We missed the opening sequence because we had to queue for tickets. The amazing thing was the audience was mostly young adults and older teens. I thought they were going to the fun movie ‘Barbie’ which is also showing. Not so. When I looked around the cinema young people made up most of the audience. This film will show for some weeks more so don’t miss it.

To my mind without any shadow of doubt, the Mercury Twin Cinema is one of the top features of this town and district. For those of us who live here this complex adds great richness to our lives. For visitors it is a surprising discovery. And while Hollywood is reeling, and times are tougher for Marvel, gritty-true-to-life movies continue to be made. I see international top-draw movies here in Whitianga before my friends see them in Auckland or Brisbane - and we have no parking problems. Thank you to the proprietors and ticket sellers and ice-cream servers and cleaners of Mercury Twin Cinemas, Anne-Maree and Matt McDougal and their family. Your enterprise benefits this town and the Coromandel, it’s residents and visitors.

Caption: Oppenheimer Poster.

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