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Original music talent showcased in Hahei

A musical treat awaited those arriving at the Hahei Community Hall on Saturday last week with an evening of original song and music, including Brazilian and eclectic jazz.

Pumba (Graeme Thornber) entertained the audience in the first set, playing guitar and singing original songs, some performed for the first time. He showed his sense of humour with a couple of quirky numbers from the days of his high school band. There were a couple of very nice instrumentals, but his most memorable performance was "Taputapuatea", a haunting melody inspired by the ancient Polynesian history of Whitianga.

Performing in the second set were the Wild Earth Musketeers (Dix Ozier on guitar and vocals, and David Kohout on percussion). Dix’s original songs included "World of Light and Sound", a thoughtful piece with exciting composition and lovely lyrics.

Memorable for its rhythm was a song in Spanish about Dix’s black cat, as David created a fascinating Latino mood playing the cajon. Most numbers required a subtle approach from percussion and David's performance throughout the evening showcased his ability.

"Dance of Fertility" carried us on a mystical journey, marrying thoughtful lyrics with clever musical composition.

The evening ended with an evocative song about the life of whales, its beautiful composition leaving the audience with a feeling of peace as they headed home.

Pictured are, from the left, David Kohout, Dix Ozier, and Graeme Thornber last Saturday evening.


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