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Peninsula Scooter Competition led by world champion

Seth Smith has won a place in three world competitions for his skills with the scooter. He is self-styled and self-taught but always very observant of what others are doing so he can learn from them. A big boost to his training in earlier years – he is now 17, was the accessibility of the Skate Park in his hometown of Whitianga. He is thrilled that Tairua is now finally building a Skate Park. He says that it will bring a lot of young people, and kids learn so many more skills other than just skating.

Seth is the commentator and organiser of the Scooter Competition being held at Whitianga Skate Park on Saturday 21 October, commencing at 11.00am. The Mercury Bay Business Association has initiated this event by supporting Seth in his role.

Seth describes the nature of the competition. “It is based on what I have done at the world championships. Each contestant gets to run two 45 second runs; and in that run, they can do whatever tricks they like; whatever they can come up with.”

The Scooter Competition has 6 different age groupings - 7 and under, 9 and under, 11 and under,

14 and under, 15 and under; plus an over 16 section.

Seth explained that there will be two judges, as he will be too busy organising to be a judge.

“I hope people can register beforehand by sending a message to my instagram @s3th.sm1th

But we will still accept entries on the day. So yeah, people can just show up.

I want to thank the sponsors MGP Madd Gear for supporting this as well as Whiti Deals On Wheels. Both are sponsoring the prizes for the competition, and I want to thank the Mercury Bay Business Association for the financial support to run this competition. This is happening on a long weekend; I think lots of kids will come from out of town.”

Instagram - @s3th.sm1th.

Caption: Competition details


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