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Pet Rock Day

By Pauline Stewart.

On Easter Sunday, 9 April, Kuaotunu community held what could be a village fair of the kind from over a hundred years ago. It was Pet Rock Day, a fund raiser for Kuaotunu Kindergarten. Children and adults are invited to decorate a rock and have it auctioned. They are all displayed on available benches. The artistic results range from quirky to professionally sculptured – very creative. Some decide to keep their rock and so just exhibit it. The auction is done without technology, just a great voice and lots of skilful hoopla from auctioneer, Rob Ball of Rob Ball Real Estate. His wife and partner Ange, collects all the details as the auction gathers momentum and value.

The setting is by the Kuaotunu Stream – the village green - it’s beautiful and tranquil. Children play on swings, climb trees, throw things in the water, while their parents and grandparents have a chat and wait for the auction. There’s a barbeque on the ready and some cakes and other goodies for sale. It’s all homemade and looks luscious.

No one is hurrying and I could see so very few people watching their phones. Perhaps that’s the bit that makes me think of a hundred years ago or was that only 10 years?

This was a wonderful event with a sense of belonging and no need for an issue to be intensely discussed. Pet Rocks have a way of defusing political differences.

Caption: Nemo Pet Rock.

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