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Pet Rock Day rocks!


On Easter Sunday, the Kūaotunu Kindergarten wants to host the whole of the Coromandel Peninsula on their Pet Rock Day. This is an annual event and it’s an important fundraiser. Every year, children and adults alike have fun entering their decorated, painted or dressed up rocks and watching them being auctioned off by our famous auctioneer, Rob Ball of Ball & Co Real Estate. Our different categories are ages 2-5, 6-9, 10-15, adults, child/adult and artist. So if you wish to create a pet rock, the Kūaotunu Kindergarten encourages you to bring it along and help raise funds for the Kindy. There will be a sausage sizzle too. This Kūaotunu Pet Rock Day is not just

something for free-styling kindergarten kids, though the children do some amazing artwork. Rob also auctions off the rocks painted by famous artists; rocks that look like sculptures, and 3D

wonders. This is how this celebrated day works. The decorated rocks are carefully laid out on the reserve for everyone to view and then auctioned off . Some fetch hundreds of dollars and if you’ve been there yourself, you’ll know why. The talent is incredible whether it is a budding five

year old artist or a famous local donating his or her masterpiece. Come at 10am to Kūaotunu Kindergarten - bring a rock and money to buy one you love and want to keep. There is no judging or prizes as to the best rock. You judge by choosing to buy the rock being auctioned. Ursula Gaebler, one of the founders of the Kūaotunu Kindergarten and their Head Teacher for many years, is still very much a part of this wonderful day. For more information or enquiries. Contact Kūaotunu Kindergarten on 866 0094 or Ursula on 021 043 6325 or ph 866 5371.

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