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Peter Mackenzie - candidate

The real Peter Mackenzie

The Informer accidentally gave Peter Mackenzie another photo identity in the last issue. This is the real Peter Mackenzie who is standing for the Mercury Bay Community Board. There are five candidates and Peter is one of them. (See The Informer 13 September).

“The attraction of Whitianga and Mercury Bay was the coastal location , the lovely beaches and parks and the warm friendly people living here,”Peter says. “We have no regrets in our choice of location.”

There are three main issues that Peter will work for if he is elected:

· The need for an increased water supply of fresh water for Whitianga households. The installation of water metres does not meet the requirement.

· Controlling the erosion on Buffalo beach and other beaches. Planting activities are well intentioned but do not stop the sand and the edge of dunes being washed away.

· Seeing some constructive plan for the recovery and use of the mud puddle between Whitianga wharf and the marina.

“As a member of the MBCB, I will bring a no-nonsense, common sense approach to the matters at hand.”

Four candidates will be voted in out of the five standing - Caroline Hobman, Billie Hunter, Bess Kingi, Peter Mackenzie, Krissie Robinson.

Please vote – fill in your voting papers. Elections close 12 noon Saturday, 8 October.


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