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Poetry reading

By Stephen Holmes

A recent morning at the Mercury Bay library was a haven for poetry enthusiasts as about 20 people gathered for a captivating poetry reading and informal talk. The poets read from their

book 'On Our Watch'. The library's cozy ambiance, with shelves of books as a backdrop,

set the stage for an intimate and engaging experience. The event featured a diverse group of poets, each with their unique style and perspective. As the poets took turns, their words resonated with the assembled crowd. Poems ranged from heartfelt odes about the environment through to thought-provoking reflections on life's complexities. Appreciative nods and comments punctuated the readings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the attendees. In an era dominated by technology, this poetry reading at the library offered a welcome escape into the world of language and creativity. It demonstrated the enduring power of poetry to inspire, console, and connect, leaving all in attendance with a renewed appreciation for the

written word.


the cultural divide lies

between your education and mine

your familiarity with the marble corridors

my knowledge of earth's fringes

the lack of dirt beneath your nails

I imagine you sliding

from the beige wall-to-wall womb

into ease and know I don't know

that you may imagine the same of me

with a storming red childhood

in the back of your head

by Lora Mountjoy.

Caption: Some of the poets in the group.


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