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Police Report

By Constable Michael Carter, Whitianga Police.

Monday, 2 October to Sunday, 8 October


Tuesday, 3 October, two adult males were verbally threatening towards young children at Ferry Landing. The parent who was nearby at the time, became concerned for her child’s wellbeing because of their actions. If any person is concerned over a child’s behaviour, speak civilly with their parents if they are nearby, and if that doesn’t work, ring police. We are always welcome to giving appropriate advice where needed.

Wednesday, 4 October, a burglary was reported as having occurred at a Halligan Road address. Various items of property were taken by the suspect(s). Enquiries are continuing to identify the culprits.

Wednesday 4 October, a verbal disagreement occurred between neighbours on Catherine Crescent. Both parties were spoken to and given some advice to assist in their issues.

Thursday, 5 October, a group of persons have vandalised the basketball hoop situated behind the skatepark in town. The hoop was pulled off and the glass backboard smashed. Enquiries are continuing with people being spoken to about the damage.

Saturday, 7 October, a vehicle was stolen by a known male offender on Robinson Road. The vehicle was stopped and recovered soon after with the offender being held accountable.

Arrests: Nil arrests this week.


Tuesday, 3 October a verbal argument occurred at an Albert Street address. Both parties separated prior to police arrival.

Traffic: A few tickets issued this week for speed and seatbelts. Still a lot of drivers observed using mobile phones while driving. Just because it’s in your hand on speakerphone, doesn’t make it legal.

  • Police are focusing on Restraints, Impairment, Distractions and Speed over the next few months.

  • People are reminded of the liquor ban areas around town. Please don’t consume alcohol within these areas unless you are at a licensed venue.


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