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Police Report

By Constable Michael Carter, Whitianga Police.

WHITIANGA POLICE REPORT: increase in burglaries

Monday, 16 to Sunday, 22 October

General: Mon 16 October - burglary was reported as having occurred overnight at an Albert Street address; gas fittings were stolen. Another burglary was reported as occurring on Buffalo Beach Road where diesel was siphoned from heavy machinery in a worksite.

Tues 17 October - two young persons were arrested and charged for stealing 4x vehicles between Auckland and Whitianga. Extra charges for assaulting police while being arrested were also laid.

Wed 18 October - a burglary was reported as having occurred at a Rangihau address where various items were taken. Also further burglaries were reported occurring at a South Highway and a Moewai Road industrial premises.

Thurs 19 October - a burglary was reported as having occurred at a Buffalo Beach Road where a garage was broken into, and various items taken. Also an assault occurred at a Rangihau Road address where the victim was attacked by two other persons. These people will be spoken to regarding the matter.

With the high number of burglaries being reported, if you see anything suspicious, please report it to Police by ringing 105. If it’s happening at the time, please ring 111.

Arrests: 1x Male arrested on various charges relating to stealing cars etc; 1x Female arrested for stealing cars and assaulting police.

Occurrences: Thurs 19 October - a verbal argument occurred at a White Street address. The male party had already left the property prior to police arrival.

Traffic: Tues 17 October - vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Halligan and Buffalo Beach Roads; the offending vehicle cut the corner and clipped the victim’s stationary car.

Monday, 23 October to Friday, 28 October

General: Mon 23 October - a number plate was stolen from a vehicle on Albert Street.

Also, a burglary was reported as having occurred at a Moewai Road address. Fuel tanks were broken into with diesel siphoned out.

Wed 25 October - an aggressive male spoke threateningly to staff at Mobil after finding the pumps on pre-pay. Service Stations are putting pumps on pre-pay to stop drive-offs. This doesn’t mean you need to take your frustrations out on the employees who are just there working.

Thurs 26 October - small boat was reported as being stolen from Robinson Road.

Fri 27 October - a report of wilful damage was made regarding the defacing of a billboard on Moewai Park Road. Enquiries are continuing regarding this matter.

Arrests: Nil arrests this week.

Occurrences: Tues 24 October - a family harm matter occurred at a Christa Court address where an intoxicated individual was upset at not having their phone call answered.

Wed 25 October - verbal argument occurred between a couple in Whitianga prior to them walking their frustrations off towards Wharekaho. Both parties were spoken to and assisted with their situation.

Traffic: Wed 25 October - vehicle collision occurred on Joan Gaskell Drive. An intoxicated driver crashed through a fence prior to colliding with two houses causing significant damage. She will be appearing in court on appropriate charges.

General warning: Police have been made aware of several people driving around town without appropriate driver licences. Please ensure your licence is up to date. An infringement of $400 for no licence and being forbidden to drive, will cost more than obtaining a current licence. Please be sensible and do the right thing.

Please be safe and have fun out there.

Police are focusing on Restraints, Impairment, Distractions (Phones etc) and Speed over the next few months.


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