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'Pride and Prejudice' made us feel PROUD.

By Stan Stewart.

It was a well costumed, vigorously acted, heartfelt version of Jane Austen’s 1813 classic novel. More than that, it was amazing. This was a student led, student produced, student acted presentation. In 2023, Mercury Bay Area School students spent hours, even days learning lines, rehearsing, painting sets, producing a comprehensive programme, preparing lighting plans to present a period piece based on English aristocratic life 210 years ago. It is almost unbelievable. But, it happened at the Mercury Bay Area School in their school hall on Saturday evening, June 10, and Sunday, June 11 and 11, 2023. Two full houses were thrilled by the production.

This year, there wasn’t the funding available or really space in the curriculum for a student theatrical show. Two determined students, Jade Fisher and Violet Robinson in their last year at Mercury Bay Area School made it happen. The decision to do a play at all, the choice of drama and the way it would be directed, produced and rehearsed was all in their hands. The fact that they developed a shortened version of an existing play was amazing. But even more amazing was the way they recruited the cast and gathered together a large support crew. The production, drama, sets, lighting flowed flawlessly. Bravo! Everyone in the school and the cast must be grateful for the vision and leadership of Jade and Violet, not to mention the talent of those who graced the stage.

The fact that this show was supported by the student body and produced by the Mercury Bay School speaks volumes for the team spirit and vigour of education in the school. Special mention to Teachers, Dave Mulholland and Heather Duerre who assisted the production. Congratulations Principal Ross Dunn and the teachers of the school. We know that you watched from the sidelines as this production took shape, and we know you encouraged it. Bouquets to all. Well done.

Caption: Some of the cast from Pride and Prejudice play at Mercury Bay Area School.

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