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Prime concert - everyone on stage

By Pauline Stewart

Sunday afternoon at The Town Hall in Whitianga was the end of year concert for Anita Prime’s Music Academy students.

Previously, it has been for the families and friends of the students but this year it was open to the community and quite a crowd assembled for the concert. There was a mix of outstanding talent and courage as children and young people sang, played their instruments, put harmonies together, presented their own compositions both instrumental and vocal. This was the furthest thing from a karaoke show - with everyone bringing their best from what they had learned from Anita and her tutors.

There were some very accomplished musicians and vocalists who had spent more time at the academy but there was also room for the five year old just beginning and for the more avant garde personality who could ham up his/her presentation. Anita and her co-producer and fellow tutor, Helen Rhind, were everywhere to support the presentations of the students – keyboard, guitar, drums, harmonies, music stands, and mic adjustment. The key was encouragement and affirmation.

This Academy is repeated in Wellington with Anita travelling between Whitianga and Wellington . Workshops and lessons are also done online across the world. This town is indeed fortunate to have Anita’s Academy to enable lessons in music theory, vocal training, stage presentation and with Anita’s professional experience in all the latest technology.

It was a wonderful concert.

Pictured: Bonnie Roberts, Indi Haywood, Reiver Wallace, Taiju Watanabe, Anita and Natalie Ebbers, Hope Collier, Maria Davenhill.

Caption : Anita and Helen

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