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Proud of the badge- Sonia Bruce

By Pauline Stewart

Sonia Bruce is very proud to be part of the Bayleys team here in Whitianga. She is their recruit. ‘I wear my badge all the time,” says Sonia. It’s quite a change after being Manager of Sovereign Pier with her partner. Whitianga is my home; we came in 2017. My partner and I had a holiday home on Pauanui but knew we needed more than that going forward, so I searched businesses for sale that were not seven days a week. We both work hard and do more than one thing, so this was to be a life change. Sovereign Pier was available, and it was just right for us, and we have really enjoyed our six years. Although we still have the management rights, there are contract Managers in at the moment. Jess and Sarah are doing a fantastic job. I want everyone to know that Sovereign Pier is for sale. Sonia is clear that she has always been a lifelong learner. She doesn’t want learning to stop. That’s always been important. “I thought about going into Real Estate when we first came in 2017. I started some papers and enjoyed them. I loved the studying, but I didn’t feel ready. It kept raising itself as a future possibility. What pushed me is that I became very aware in the job at Sovereign what it meant to really care for people’s number one asset and how much it mattered to them. I have found it fulfilling to support people in their aspirations and feel that now I’m ready for the Real Estate challenge. Why Bayleys? “I knew Shaun before I started. Bayleys is a good brand and they looked after us when we had the management rights at the Pier. Why wouldn’t I go and work with them? My work will be mostly residential. I feel I have a lot of experience in the apartment side of the market, and so for now, my work will be mostly residential. I have always been someone who commits and puts 100 percent into everything I do. I love being efficient and providing what the customer or client is needing. Thinking about the future, Sonya is optimistic. “I know it is a tough time and I share in that. But nothing ever stops totally. There is always something happening and with Bayleys I can see things are moving, listings are coming in and sales are going through. Real Estate is happening.” I intend to keep wearing this Bayley’s name badge. I have found that people know my face as I have been out and about in this community and frequented Espy Café many mornings a week for coffee, but people don’t know my name. Ahead of me is getting to know so many more names in this community.


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