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Raffle supports Kūaotunu Bird Rescue

Annemeike Kregting is the founder, heart and face of the Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust. She is here with Dell Jackson, volunteer at the Community Services Op Shop in Coghill Street, Whitianga, drawing the winning ticket of the raffle that has been organised to raise funds for the charity that rehabilitates so many birds in this area.

The raffle was organised by Whitianga Social Services to run for the month of December and was drawn just before Christmas. In addition, the Op Shop stocks the chutneys, jams and relishes made by John Scott known as the ‘Jam Man.’ John prepares these tasty delights to raise money for Annemeike’s Trust and they are displayed right in front of the serving counter for all the shoppers.

Thank you to the businesses and the Op Shop volunteers who donated items for the raffle. Funding is needed for this very important work of protecting and rehabilitating local birds. The Informer asked Annemeike what was one of the most common injuries suffered by local birds. “Seagulls navigate at night by the stars and the lights of houses especially at peak holiday times, confuse their flight and they crash into things such as windows and it stuns them or bruises their bodies and wings.” The running costs are $13,000 a year, not much at all but a lot to find from small donations. Everything helps. You can give online. See Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust.

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