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Ray Cobb of NZ Loyal

Ray Cobb is standing in the Coromandel electorate as part of New Zealand Loyal.

Ray was a little later entering the election race – this brief interview will assist in getting

to know him.

Q. What got you interested and committed to politics?

A: I have been interested in politics for some time. Being a politician was the last vocation I thought I would ever take on. My decision to stand in the Coromandel electorate was driven

by watching and experiencing our country deteriorate to where we find ourselves today.

NZ Loyal is the only group of people that has the big picture and the values and policies in order to repair our communities and change the broken system we are forced to operate within. I see myself as a representative, a conduit for the flow of ideas and solutions for the community.

Q: What are the best of the Loyal policies that will work for people of the Coromandel Peninsula?

A: 1% Transaction Tax, Education, Eliminating bureaucratic red tape limiting infrastructure upgrade and repair.

Q. What is the hardest policy to sell but one which you think we need?

A: Disconnecting from centralised control so we can return control to the people within

each community.

Q. What has changed in the people's hearts and minds or what do you perceive has changed since last election?

A: Lack of leadership, overreach into the personal lives by both central and local government, not being heard or supported and being forgotten about, cut off and isolated.

Q: What are your strengths in this whole matter of improving the quality of life for New Zealanders, particularly on the Coromandel peninsula?

A: reside on the southern boundary of the Coromandel electorate, I have property, business, family and friends scattered across the region. Born in Thames attended both primary and secondary school before departing to enter the work force, I have been involved in primary industry predominantly farming and forestry and the related secondary industries. Amongst that time, I have spent 16 years in the NZ Police at various locations around NZ. With NZ Loyal today, I am helping create better systems for the betterment of our communities. Married with two children. I am passionate about both the people and the area being able to reach and enjoy its full potential. We need to get back our inalienable rights and freedoms for present and future generations.

WHANGAMATA - Saturday, 23 September, 1.00pm at the War Memorial Hall.

COROMANDEL - The Coromandel Business Association Meet the Candidates meeting is on Thursday, 21 September 2023, commencing at 5.30pm in the Combined Clubrooms, Woollams Avenue, Coromandel. John Freer, from CFM, is the Moderator for the event which is to be livestreamed on CFM radio.

Candidates who have confirmed their attendance are: Scott Simpson (incumbent) - National, Beryl Riley - Labour, Pamela Grealey - Green party, Joanna Verburg - ACT, Caleb Ansell - NZ First.

WHITIANGA - Candidates standing for the Coromandel electorate in our General Election, will be at a 'Meet the Candidates' meeting at 2.00pm on Sunday, 24 September in the Whitianga Town

Hall. Five Candidates: ACT, Green Party, Labour, National, New Zealand First, are all coming. We

are asking people to send in their questions beforehand. Write your question and place it in the Competition Box outside the Informer Office in Monk Street OR you can email your question

to Merle Edwards, President of Grey Power; This is a very crucial time leading up to the Election. This meeting will inform you and can help you decide how to vote. It is not necessary to put your name at the end of the question. That is up to each of you. John Freer of CFM will be Moderator of the Meet the Candidates meeting. SPECIAL MEETING: Meet the NZ Loyal 2023 General Election candidate, Ray Cobb -

Immediately after the Whitianga "Meet the Candidates" meeting on Sunday, 24 September, local NZ Loyal supporters will be hosting a meet and greet with Ray Cobb in person at the Whitianga Town Hall. Refreshments and a few nibbles will be available from 5.00pm onwards. All are welcome.


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