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Air Rescue Helicopter Whitianga

By Pauline Stewart

“It’s been a good year, “says Chairman, Mervyn George, “The fuel tank was set up successfully just in the last few months. We now have 30,000 litres of high-octane fuel ready on this side of the peninsula. Our helicopter is sitting out at Whitianga Airfield for the six weeks of summer vacation, ready to go whenever needed with the very high price of fuel, we are always conscious of raising funds to keep the helicopter in the air, but to have our own fuel supply means we do not have to keep refuelling at a great distance. Half of Auckland and a lot from the rest of New Zealand are here on the Coromandel for the summer vacation period, so we need to be close to the crowds of visitors and holiday makers. “

The other good news is that the Trust has appointed Walter Russell as the first Patron. Walter is founding Chairman of The Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Trust and before that was the liaison person for the process of setting up the air rescue service and establishing the Trust. “I’ve been here since day One,” says Walter.“it’s a privilege to be a part of this and it’s a service that’s really needed on the Coromandel Peninsula. Whitianga is central and with the fuel tank on our property, we are primed ready for the distances.”

Mervyn adds, “Our Trust house will get a fresh coat of paint this year and we will have the place fenced properly.”

If you want to make a donation to the Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Trust, visit and it will lead you through the process.

Walter Russell, first Patron of the Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Trust.


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