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Rescue Helicopter Update

New Fuel Depot for Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Trust, Whitianga

It’s been a busy time at the rescue helicopter base in Whitianga. We just about have a new fuel depot; the 30,000 litre fuel tank has been installed and is shortly to be commissioned. This is a big step and a time-saving one. The trips to Thames to purchase fuel are no longer needed; it makes us more ready and available for our work of rescue and service. The other aspect of our efficiency we have improved is the website. We are close to kicking this off thanks to Stephan Hutton of WEBSITEGUY from Coromandel who has undertaken this big project as a volunteer! The website will be easer to access and navigate for people. The matter of making donations can now be done through the website simply and this is needed for busy people. Actually our organisation runs on the support and time of volunteers. To them we owe a lot and say a big thank you.

We have not had many missions in June, and it was also quiet in May compared to March and April with a total of 42 missions.

I would like to conclude by commending the skill level within our choppers. When that chopper leaves home base for a mission, the skill and knowledge of the paramedics is second to none.

Merv George, Chair, CRHT

Pictured is the fuel depot, recently installed, soon to be commissioned.


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